Michael J. Durrschmidt

Michael J. Durrschmidt

by Onyinyechi Muilenburg

Michael J. Durrschmidt is Board Certified in Business Bankruptcy by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization (since 1990).

Practicing primarily in the areas of creditors’ rights, bankruptcy, and banking, he represents lenders, suppliers, landlords, and lessors in cases related to work-outs, debt restructures bankruptcy, state and federal collection and lien priority litigation, real and personal property foreclosures, and repossessions. His extensive experience in business bankruptcy includes acquisitions and disposition of business lines and assets in bankruptcy cases, prosecuting numerous contested stay litigation matters, as well as successfully contesting or confirming plans of reorganization. Mike has also prosecuted and defended numerous trials involving discharge/dischargeability and exemption issues; and prosecuted trials regarding various financial matters in state and federal courts.

He has successfully represented numerous businesses in restructures and bankruptcy proceedings. These companies have ranged from a law firm, a hospital, a real estate developer, manufacturing companies and retailers. Mike also represents business owners in all aspects of the restructuring or reorganization process.

Mike is certified as a mediator by the University of Houston Law Center, AA White Dispute Resolution Center, a nationally recognized alternative dispute resolution center.

Mike is admitted to practice in Texas state courts, the United States Supreme Court, the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal for the Second and Fifth Circuits, and the Federal District Courts of Texas. Additionally, Mike has practiced before numerous bankruptcy courts across the country.

Mike is rated an AV lawyer by Martindale and Hubbell. Annually, Thomson Reuters publishes a list of Texas Super Lawyers based on surveys of the more than 55,000 attorneys across the state who have been licensed to practice for five years or more. The category of Super Lawyer belongs to only the top 5 percent of Texas attorneys in more than 60 practice areas. Mike has been named to the “Super Lawyers” list in 2019 in the area of Bankruptcy and Workouts. This marks Mike’s fifteenth consecutive year to have achieved this honor. Additionally, Mike has been voted and recognized by H Texas Magazine as a “Top Lawyer for the People” in February 2008 and as a “Houston’s Top Lawyer” in June 2008.  Mike has also been recognized as a Houston “Top Lawyer” in the area of bankruptcy/debt law (Houstonia Magazine 2014-2016).

Mike is a member of The College of the State Bar of Texas, an honor society of lawyers who are among the best trained attorneys in Texas.

Mike spoke at the 3rd Annual Consumer Bankruptcy Conference sponsored by the University of Texas School of Law on the topic of exemptions; at the Texas Bankers Association’s 40th Annual Legal Conference on the diligence of lenders; at the HPA’s 2015 Advanced Paralegal Conference on ethical issues regarding signature; and at the Moller-Foltz Inns of Court on law firm insolvencies.

Mike also appeared as a guest on the Debra Duncan Great Day Houston program where he spoke about strategies for those thinking about filing for bankruptcy.

Mike graduated cum laude from South Texas College of Law, Houston, Texas. He was honored as a member of the Order of Lytae and served on the editorial board for the South Texas Law Journal as Assistant Comments Editor. Mike attended American University in Washington D.C. and graduated from its School of Public Affairs, with a double bachelor degree in Political Science and Economics.

  • In 2009, Mike successfully confirmed a plan of reorganization for a hospital in South Texas;
  • In 2012, Mike successfully reorganized a real estate developer in the Eastern District of Texas;
  • Mike was the Chapter 11 Trustee for a manufacturing company, and confirmed a plan of reorganization; and
  • Recently, Mike successfully confirmed a plan of reorganization for a Houston law firm.

Reported Cases:

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  • In re Sakowitz, Inc., 949 F.2d 178 (5th Cir. 1991)
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