News/Press Releases

News/Press Releases

by Onyinyechi Muilenburg

H&W Newsfeed

Will you need to hire an attorney? New legal issues have led many to wonder if they should. In this humorous & informative Q&A session, Eric answers questions from various areas that you'll want to hear to help empower yourself, especially in these times.

The recent infection spike in Texas caused local & state leaders to enforce new mandates & business closures--but was it fair? Eric details legal actions by business owners & opines on proper & fair procedures at this intersection of law & politics. /

Ever heard of 'drive-by ADA' lawsuits? Property owners, landlords, tenants & franchisees are often hit with these & are stuck on what their options are. Litigator Eric shares available remedies & property owners, you should read this. // LINK:

Some courts will be allowed to conduct experiments on resuming jury trials, which have been prohibited with some exceptions through Aug. 1.

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